Saturday, 19 April 2008

A unique way to own woodland in a beautiful part of Buckinghamshire

Here is a site map and location map of where our current wood is. It's 14 acres in total and is close to the Village of Wing, near to Aylesbury. There is excellent road access and parking. We have tidied most of the wood - in line with Forestry Commission guidance, so that we don't upset the the eco-systems in the wood too much. We will also build a very nice tree house in the wood over the next few months. There are two lockable gates and we have also created a woodland community online forum. Essentially how it works is we sell you a generous sized section of the wood - freehold. In addition you also get the beneficial right to wander in perpetuity over the entire wood. So for only £5,000 you get the use of the entire 14 acres for ever and you can bequeath this in your will in just the same way you could if you owned the freehold of the whole wood. A wood like this would cost about £100, it is a real bargain. The wood is almost totally sold...we have two sections hurry!

This is our website address:

Salmon Fishing Scotland.: Salmon Fishing Scotland April 2008 Spring Fly Fishing on the Tay at Stanley.

Salmon Fishing Scotland.: Salmon Fishing Scotland April 2008 Spring Fly Fishing on the Tay at Stanley.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Things you should look out for when buying a wood

For three years now I've been looking at woods all over the Home Counties...I've seen hundreds...about 80% utterly useless for what I wanted! Many are just completely spoilt and full of rubbish, or inaccessible locations, or without parking, or with lots of public footpaths cutting right through them...or next to industrial units or a quarry! You name it I've driven for miles and see most of the options. There is nearly always an old vehicle too somewhere hidden in the middle of them. In fact I now say to my friends, 'where is the vehicle'? The last wood I bought I couldn't see one...then I completed and there it was an old 1950's trailer...cor they couldn't half make them then! It weighed a ton..or maybe more!

So when you look at woods, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the wood easily accessible - will I be able to get easy access
  • Have I got absolute access? Watch out for ransom strips of land (ask your solicitor to check)
  • Is there someone to park your car
  • Are there any covenants that stop you doing what you want to do with the wood - otherwise you end up with a white elephant
  • How will you renovate/maintain it....woods are a lot of work particularly if they are in poor condition
  • Is there a preservation order on the wood (individual trees/blanket)
  • Are there lots of public footpaths running through it? Not all members of the public will be as concerned about wildlife as you!
  • Is it fenced/hedged? Does it need to be?
  • Does it come with sporting rights? The last thing you will want is a load of men with shotguns shooting everything that moves in your wood on a Sunday morning!
  • Can you afford it?
  • Is it worth clubing together with some friends to buy the wood once you find the right one. They can help you to look after it and can split the cost...this is how I started!

My biggest tip is go there and look. Just sit in the wood...does it feel right for you?

Good luck. If you want to ask any questions...happy to help!

Sunday, 6 April 2008

The pleasures of owning your own ancient wood

It is amazingly easy and incredibly satisfying to own your woodland.

You will often have walked in woods and enjoyed the majesty of the trees and the magic of the changing seasons. These woods may belong to a body like the Woodland Trust, or you may have been on a public right of way through private woods. So what is different about owning an ancient wood of your own?

When you buy your own ancient wood, you are free to do what you like – more or less. No one tells you where you can walk, what you can plant, what paths you can clear. It's all up to you.

You can cook over a real camp fire, let your children and dog explore, out of sight, safely – and you can keep the rest of the world out. It's yours.

You can also do your bit for the environment too. By owning and caring for your woodland you are doing your bit to preserve nature for future generations.

Enjoying a wood is something you will probably want to share with your friends and family. There’s nothing more satisfying than arriving at your own wood – in all its glory – producing a key and unlocking this remarkable and magical world for you all to explore and enjoy.

Making owning ancient woodland open to everyone.

Once owning private woodland was the exclusive domain of the rich and privileged. But now, with a little help from Ancient Woodland, you can own your very own piece of English woodland forever – for as little as £5,000. You can walk on it; protect and preserve it for future generations; camp on it; watch native wildlife and birds; have barbecues (as long as you are careful; create environments for the woodland creatures that live there; bequeath it and even sell it. You’ll have a freehold interest so the choice is yours).

Ancient Woodland Ltd was formed almost by accident; the product of a deep desire by three friends to buy a wood of our own. We were amazed at how difficult it was to buy a wood, and how much work was involved in transforming the wood from a veritable jungle, without proper fencing, into a wonderful, magical place. It was this experience that led to us to decide to pioneer this unique way of owning a wood.

If like us you are interested in protecting the environment, have a love of ancient woodland but not quite enough money to buy a complete wood of your own, and don’t necessarily have the time or expertise to manage the wood on your own, this could be just what you have been looking for.

For each wood we create a virtual woodland community of like minded, responsible people. We vet each person very carefully to ensure that each group of owners have the wood’s interests at heart and will be able to get on together as friends and as a community.

Our woodland is sold on a first come first served basis and availability is limited so register your interest now.

Call us now on 0845 658 5558 or contact us via

"Should you see me at the point of death, carry me under the shade of an oak, and I promise you I shall recover"
Jean-Jacques Rousseau – Philosopher (1712 -1778)

Finding a wood that ticks all of your boxes

I spent over two years looking for a wood that suited everything that I wanted and I could afford. The first one is in Kent...first one I hear you yer...I started collecting them and selling bits of too other people. My latest one is in Buckinghamshire, near to Aylesbury. It is 14 acres and has a track running down the middle.
When I look at woods I look for easy road access, parking, bigger than 5 acres, ancient woodland site and mainly English broad leafed trees. I also like to see a good spread of wildlife diversity. Each wood - I've got four now - is usually in a mess when I buy them. They always have a trailer or old vehicle someone has dumped! They usually cost about £5,000 to clear up so don't rush in on your own to buy one unless you've got a few bob!