Sunday, 6 April 2008

Finding a wood that ticks all of your boxes

I spent over two years looking for a wood that suited everything that I wanted and I could afford. The first one is in Kent...first one I hear you yer...I started collecting them and selling bits of too other people. My latest one is in Buckinghamshire, near to Aylesbury. It is 14 acres and has a track running down the middle.
When I look at woods I look for easy road access, parking, bigger than 5 acres, ancient woodland site and mainly English broad leafed trees. I also like to see a good spread of wildlife diversity. Each wood - I've got four now - is usually in a mess when I buy them. They always have a trailer or old vehicle someone has dumped! They usually cost about £5,000 to clear up so don't rush in on your own to buy one unless you've got a few bob!

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