Sunday, 13 April 2008

Things you should look out for when buying a wood

For three years now I've been looking at woods all over the Home Counties...I've seen hundreds...about 80% utterly useless for what I wanted! Many are just completely spoilt and full of rubbish, or inaccessible locations, or without parking, or with lots of public footpaths cutting right through them...or next to industrial units or a quarry! You name it I've driven for miles and see most of the options. There is nearly always an old vehicle too somewhere hidden in the middle of them. In fact I now say to my friends, 'where is the vehicle'? The last wood I bought I couldn't see one...then I completed and there it was an old 1950's trailer...cor they couldn't half make them then! It weighed a ton..or maybe more!

So when you look at woods, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the wood easily accessible - will I be able to get easy access
  • Have I got absolute access? Watch out for ransom strips of land (ask your solicitor to check)
  • Is there someone to park your car
  • Are there any covenants that stop you doing what you want to do with the wood - otherwise you end up with a white elephant
  • How will you renovate/maintain it....woods are a lot of work particularly if they are in poor condition
  • Is there a preservation order on the wood (individual trees/blanket)
  • Are there lots of public footpaths running through it? Not all members of the public will be as concerned about wildlife as you!
  • Is it fenced/hedged? Does it need to be?
  • Does it come with sporting rights? The last thing you will want is a load of men with shotguns shooting everything that moves in your wood on a Sunday morning!
  • Can you afford it?
  • Is it worth clubing together with some friends to buy the wood once you find the right one. They can help you to look after it and can split the cost...this is how I started!

My biggest tip is go there and look. Just sit in the wood...does it feel right for you?

Good luck. If you want to ask any questions...happy to help!


IceBoy said...

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the advise, it all makes sense but to be honest, I would not have thought of some of the issues you highlighted.

The real problem I have is the price of buying a woodland and then the upkeep ! I about enough money to buy a small second hand fear is I will have to save for another 20 years !


Tim Noble said...

Hi Ice Boy.

You can buy your own woodland from Ancient Woodland for only £5, this within your budget. Go and have a look at

If it appeals I can aswer any questions you might have.

IceBoy said...

Hi Tim,

What a great way of buying my very own woodland. I'm just love the idea of paying a fraction and enjoying the whole woodland as if it was mine.

I would love to go and visit the woodland if that is ok ?


rogerspianocat said...

Hi Tim,

Thanks for some useful tips - I've just started looking for woodland in the Chilterns or thereabouts, but am having little success so far. Could be that there's nothing around at the moment, but would you post some of the agents that you have used, or say how you have found out about woodland on the market?

Many thanks,

Tim Noble said...


I've since sent you details of my wood in Buckinghmashire...feel free to look and let me know what you think - it is 14 acres in total...

Tim Noble said...


I've got several agents you could got to. Depends what you are looking for...I've got 14 acres in Buckinghamshire near to Aylesbury? Any good?

There are several other too...

Let me know how much woodland you need and I'll suggest some options.

You can email me on

Tim Noble said...

If anyone visiting this blog wants to see how to own their own wood for only £5,000 simply visit

I've got a wood to share with friends in Buckinghamshire right now but only have room for two more woodland hurry...

Tim Noble said...


Try this site to find other people involved in woodland and other agents. It is difficult finding good woods though...®ion=national