Sunday, 6 April 2008

Making owning ancient woodland open to everyone.

Once owning private woodland was the exclusive domain of the rich and privileged. But now, with a little help from Ancient Woodland, you can own your very own piece of English woodland forever – for as little as £5,000. You can walk on it; protect and preserve it for future generations; camp on it; watch native wildlife and birds; have barbecues (as long as you are careful; create environments for the woodland creatures that live there; bequeath it and even sell it. You’ll have a freehold interest so the choice is yours).

Ancient Woodland Ltd was formed almost by accident; the product of a deep desire by three friends to buy a wood of our own. We were amazed at how difficult it was to buy a wood, and how much work was involved in transforming the wood from a veritable jungle, without proper fencing, into a wonderful, magical place. It was this experience that led to us to decide to pioneer this unique way of owning a wood.

If like us you are interested in protecting the environment, have a love of ancient woodland but not quite enough money to buy a complete wood of your own, and don’t necessarily have the time or expertise to manage the wood on your own, this could be just what you have been looking for.

For each wood we create a virtual woodland community of like minded, responsible people. We vet each person very carefully to ensure that each group of owners have the wood’s interests at heart and will be able to get on together as friends and as a community.

Our woodland is sold on a first come first served basis and availability is limited so register your interest now.

Call us now on 0845 658 5558 or contact us via

"Should you see me at the point of death, carry me under the shade of an oak, and I promise you I shall recover"
Jean-Jacques Rousseau – Philosopher (1712 -1778)

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