Sunday, 6 April 2008

The pleasures of owning your own ancient wood

It is amazingly easy and incredibly satisfying to own your woodland.

You will often have walked in woods and enjoyed the majesty of the trees and the magic of the changing seasons. These woods may belong to a body like the Woodland Trust, or you may have been on a public right of way through private woods. So what is different about owning an ancient wood of your own?

When you buy your own ancient wood, you are free to do what you like – more or less. No one tells you where you can walk, what you can plant, what paths you can clear. It's all up to you.

You can cook over a real camp fire, let your children and dog explore, out of sight, safely – and you can keep the rest of the world out. It's yours.

You can also do your bit for the environment too. By owning and caring for your woodland you are doing your bit to preserve nature for future generations.

Enjoying a wood is something you will probably want to share with your friends and family. There’s nothing more satisfying than arriving at your own wood – in all its glory – producing a key and unlocking this remarkable and magical world for you all to explore and enjoy.

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